MVHS PTSA Scholarships

MVHS PTSA 2022 Senior Scholarships Application Form

In support of the dual magnet status of Mission Vista HS, the PTSA is pleased to support postgraduate learning for students who are pursuing the fields of arts and communications, or science and technology.

In 2022, PTSA will award two $500 scholarships, one in each area of interest. The deadline to submit an application is April 15, 2022.

MVHS graduates need not be college-bound to be eligible for either of these scholarships, as they are intended to further advance the applicant's pursuit of their area of interest. The money can be used for costs of attending community college, trade school, or university, or the purchase of needed equipment to pursue the desired area of interest. The award will be paid in a lump sum after its recipient provides receipts or bills to corroborate at least $500 of appropriate, education-related spending.

The PTSA Scholarships are awarded based on the following criteria:
Seniors graduating from MVHS who are current members of the MVHS PTSA (qualified applicants must have joined MVHS PTSA before applying), AND:
- who have taken at least three courses in an area of interest (arts/comm or science/technology)
- who have attained a GPA of at least 3.0 in their area of interest (arts/comm or science/technology)
- who have demonstrated outside interests through extracurricular and/or volunteer activities
- who have described their commitment to pursuing further study in arts/comm or science/technology
- who have successfully submitted all required elements of the application

The PTSA Scholarships application consists of this form and the following attachments:
- A verifiable MVHS transcript
- One letter of recommendation from an adult who can speak to the applicant's pursuit of their area of interest sent via email to:

Scholarships will be awarded by committee and announced at the MVHS Senior Awards Night, 6/01/2022.

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