Impact Teen Drivers

Impact Teen Drivers is a 3rd party initiative
to educate teens about the dangers of DISTRACTED and RECKLESS DRIVING...
the #1 killer of teens!


MVHS PTSA partnered with Impact Teen Drivers to bring their message to our students who are just coming upon driving age.  Our custom-made program consists of two days of homeroom instruction.  The materials being used are below for your information.


PARENTS:  please help us to drive this message home with your children.  We want each and every one of our students who start at MVHS to graduate safely!



Some of the links in these presentations will not work.  To see the videos for yourself, CLICK HERE.

See what your chances of having an accident really are...test out the Probability Wheel...CLICK HERE

To learn more, visit or  

DAY 1 (2-Day Course).pps DAY 1 (2-Day Course).pps
Size : 1140.5 Kb
Type : pps
DAY 2 (2-Day Course).pps DAY 2 (2-Day Course).pps
Size : 1673 Kb
Type : pps

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