Mission Vista High PTSA

Cyber-bullying and Internet Safety Presentation

 January 25, 2010, 6:30-7:30pm

Mission Vista High School/Washington Middle School


Hosted by:  The Mission Vista High PTSA

Presented by: Mr. Dave Hendron, High-Tech Criminal Investigator


Presenter’s Biography:

Mr. Hendron has been a peace officer for more than 28 years, and is currently employed as a criminal investigator with the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office. Mr. Hendron is currently detained as a computer forensics examiner with the Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory in San Diego.

Mr. Hendron has been assigned to high technology investigations for 15 years. During that time, he has conducted hundreds of investigations involving electronically transmitted threats, cyber stalking, hacking, fraud committed over the Internet, and other related crimes. Mr. Hendron conducted the first cyber stalking case investigated in San Diego County (and the second in California) in a case culminating in People vs DuWayne Comfort.

Mr. Hendron frequently teaches computer forensics and Internet crimes classes locally and across the country. These classes include lecturing for the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals, the San Diego Stalking Strike Force Conference, California District Attorney’s Investigators Association and  the California District Attorney’s Association.  Mr. Hendron is nationally recognized as a leading expert in Internet-based crimes

Brief Overview of the Presentation:

Inv. Hendron’s presentation will involve a brief exploration of Internet safety, key points about Internet communication, how children are often exploited or victimized on the Internet, texting, social networking sites (e.g. FaceBook and MySpace), Internet predators, how victimization occurs with targeted crimes (harassment, Cyber Stalking and Cyber Bullying). He will also discuss methods to make the Internet a safer experience for your child, improve a parent’s ability to safeguard the child from bad side of the Internet, and what to do if your child is victimized.  The presentation will last approximately 30 minutes with time afterward for questions.


Actual slide overview:


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